Shakespeare Upright: King Lear

shakespeare upright logo horizJoin us for Shakespeare Upright! on March 29th at the Downtown Nashville Public Library!

March 29th at noon at the Nashville Main Library we will be presenting a staged reading of King Lear in the Teen Center. What is Shakespeare Upright!? This is a series of staged readings of selected plays with actors cast in specific roles. The series is intended to enrich the Shakespeare Allowed! experience through further exploration of the play for that month. All readings will be presented without rehearsal at noon at the Downtown Public Library!

The following is the King Lear cast:

KING LEAR: Mark Cabus
EDGAR: JP Schuffman
KENT: Lane Wright
EDMUND: Robert Marigza
FOOL: Luke Patton
GONERILL: Bonnie Keen
REGAN: Maggie Pitt
ALBANY: Joel Diggs
CORDELIA: Emily Eytchison
CORNWALL: Michael Roark
GENTLEMAN: Corianna Moffatt
OSWALD: Russell Qualls
FRANCE / KNIGHT: Sam Dressler
MESSENGER: Denice Hicks
DOCTOR: Tammy Sutherland
OLD MAN: Tina Boone
BURGUNDY: Ellen Lawrence
HERALD: Vernice Syers
FIRST SERVANT: Pamela Stansberry

Roles to be filled on the day (so come early if you want a part!):

CURAN: 9 lines
CAPTAIN: 3 lines

Make Saturday, March 29th a Shakespeare Saturday and come enjoy one of Shakespeare’s great tragedies with us! Bring a friend and you’ll also receive a 2-for-1 coupon code for our upcoming production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged!) coming to Belmont University’s Troutt Theater April 10-13. A win-win!

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4 Responses to Shakespeare Upright: King Lear

  1. I would dearly love to read in your “Shakespeare Upright” series. How do I get involved? Are there auditions or do I just send in applicable information about myself?

  2. DG says:

    There IS a Shakespeare Allowed every month, but not an Upright.

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