Shakespeare, Spectacle, the Nashville Scene and Us


“We such stuff as things are made on.” — William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

“Animated” statues, large dance numbers, contemporary music, suspended actors, extravagant set pieces and magic… Jupiter’s descent in Cymbeline, the coming to life of Hermione’s statue in The Winter’s Tale, and the wedding masque and magic in The Tempest. We could be talking about any number of current productions but we’re talking Shakespeare. And not just any Shakespeare: Shakespeare in Shakespeare’s time.

In the 1600s, spectacle in the theatre was stock-in-trade for Shakespeare and his cohorts. So we think he’d be pleased with the writers at the Nashville Scene naming our 2013 Winter Shakespeare production of Macbeth “Best Shakespearean Spectacle” in this year’s Best of Nashville edition (starring “Best Actor” recipient Eric Pasto-Crosby). He would also be jealous of our fog machine.

Back in December 2012, NPT Arts Breaks spent a few days with us during Macbeth rehearsals documenting our journey to bring Shakespeare to life. So, to relive a bit of spectacle, we thought we’d share the segments we made in collaboration with the Nashville Ballet, Nashville Public Television and the PBS series Shakespeare Uncovered. So grab some popcorn, sit down and enjoy the spectacle.

Acting Shakespeare

Directing Shakespeare

Choreographing Shakespeare

Dressing the Bard

Tickets for our 2014 Winter Shakespeare production Othello are on sale now. It’s gearing up to be an amazing production so be sure to buy your tickets now, you don’t want to find out later (from the Nashville Scene or otherwise) you missed out on another spectacular show.

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