Shakespeare Upright: Henry V: Cast

shakespeare upright logo horizJoin us for Shakespeare Upright! on September 14th at the Downtown Nashville Public Library!

September 14th at noon at the Nashville Main Library we will be presenting a staged reading of Henry V in the West Reading Room. What is Shakespeare Upright!? This is a series of staged readings of selected plays with actors cast in specific roles. The series is intended to enrich the Shakespeare Allowed! experience through further exploration of the play for that month (for more detailed information).

The following is the Henry V cast:

Denice Hicks: Chorus / Queen Isabel
Benjamin Reed: King Henry V
Nat McIntyre: Exeter
Nettie Kraft: Pistol
Brian Russell: Fluellin
Megan Hines: Alice
Houston Mahoney: Clarence / Thomas Grey / Michael Williams / Montjoy/ Britain
Raffeal Sears: Warwick / Cambridge / Bates / Grandpré
Will Miranne: Gloucester / Boy / Rambures
Edd Garcia: Canterbury / Bardolph / Erpingham
Apolonia Davalos: Ely / Hostess / Salisbury
Robert Marigza: Bedford / Captain Gower / Burgandy
Andrew Gumm: Scroop / Alexander Court / Dauphin / Jamy
Michael Roark: Macmorris / Orleans / Le Fer / Westmoreland
Lane Wright: Nym / Bourbon / French King
Savannah Frazier: Katherine / Ambassador / Messanger
Pamela Stansberry: Governor / Constable of France

We chose Henry V because it’s a wonderful play, we’ve never performed it and it’s being featured in the upcoming PBS Broadcast of the BBC series The Hollow Crown (to begin airing on Nashville Public Television September 20th at 8 pm), which, along with Henry V, will include Richard II and Henry IV, parts I & II. For more information on The Hollow Crown, visit the PBS website.

Make Saturday, September 14th a Shakespeare Saturday and come enjoy one of Shakespeare’s histories with us!

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