5 Reasons to See Midsummer

aRJM_4861A Midsummer Night’s Dream is by far one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. There is something about this tale of faeries, fun, royalty, romance, magic, misunderstandings and enchanted forests that appeals to audiences, and makes it a delight to perform. As such, chances are that you have seen it or are familiar with the story (Puck, anyone?). Our production, set in here-and-now Nashville, is a love letter to Nashville, pulling from East and West Nashville as well as the many visitors who come through town every year for a taste of Music City. If you’re (still) debating with yourself about coming out to the park, here are 5 reasons why you should spend an enchanted Midsummer evening with us (according to a few faeries, Mechanicals and Athenians):

1. “Come dance with the fairies, swoon with the lovers, and play with the mechanicals. Share the dream.” – Andrew Gumm, Robin Goodfellow aka Puck

2. “Attend and Robin Goodfellow will ‘PUCK’ YOUR LIFE!” – Apolonia Davalos, Titania

More then a little mischievous, Puck is the one who introduces us to the faeiries, wrecks havoc on the lovers and places the donkey head on Bottom. We find it hard to imagine that you won’t leave the bandshell without a piece of him in your heart. We also can’t imagine what other sort of mischief he’ll get into while you’re in his world. Enter at your own risk.

3. “Fall in love with Shakespeare’s love stories in an enchanted park under the stars. Of course, one can also experience Petie Quince’s most brilliant production as an added bonus….I’m just saying….” – Bonnie Keen, Peter “Petie” Quince

We are pleased to be a part of Petie’s attempt to feed her inner show business fanatic. Corky St. Clair, her idol and inspiration, would be proud.

4. “Come watch a steeple chase inspired girl fight!” – Lauren Ballard, Hermia

The Athenians are typically a pretty classy bunch… but sometimes Puck gets up to a little mischief and words are exchanged, punches are thrown, and women in sundresses show off their best Karate Kid moves. And someone always has a phone handy to capture all the excitement.

5. “Straight up…the Mechanicals are hilarious. Love those death scenes!” – Ed Haggard, Music Supervisor

We can’t 100% guarantee you’ll find the Mechanicals “hilarious,” we admittedly don’t know you, but we are pretty sure that unless you’ve been hoodwinked by Puck, you’ll at least smile (there is an awfully cute puppy included in their company). BUT, we can tell you that we’ve been told by unbiased parties (i.e. audience members that have absolutely no relation to us) that they “laughed until they cried.”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream will run through September 15th at Centennial Park in Nashville. More info here.

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