Help Wanted: Seed Bomb Nashville In the Name of Puck


Have you heard of seed bombs? Despite the destructive sounding name, seed bombs are are a type of compressed soil and seed mixture that makes it super easy to distribute seeds and bring flowers to unexpected spaces. Peaked your interest yet? Well, we need your help with a seed bombing project.

This summer in the park, we will be presenting A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, directed by our artistic director Denice Hicks. We’re setting this year’s production in Nashville, 2013. In the play, the fairy world claims responsibility for the environment and climate change, so our fairies are going to be urban environmentalists and guerrilla gardeners. As the other characters toss Starbucks cups, water bottles and other excess away, the fairies will be recycling and repurposing them into clothing and accessories.

Where do you come in? In the name of “Puck” (the mischievous fairy in the play), Denice would like to see neglected and forgotten spaces around the city blooming with indigenous flowers. We could use some help in strategizing, building and distributing. Interested? Please email

On April 21st from 2p-6p we will be celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday in Cumberland Park and we’ll have a seed bomb building station set up all day. Additionally, there will be live music, (Bardaroo!) food trucks, birthday cupcakes and the 4th annual staging of the Biggest Balcony Scene Ever (everybody who’s ever wanted to play Romeo or Juliet performs the scene all together at the same time! It’s quite silly and a lot of fun.). Again, let us know if you’re interested in helping!

For more information about the Nashville Shakespeare Festival and upcoming events and auditions, visit:

Shakespeare in the Park runs August 15-September 15, and photos of the results of the seed bombing will be on display during the run.

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