Shakespeare Upright: The Merchant of Venice

shakespeare upright logo horizJoin us for the inaugural Shakespeare Upright on February 16th at the Nashville Main Library!

February 16th at noon at the Nashville Main Library we will be presenting a staged reading of The Merchant of Venice. What is Shakespeare Upright!? This is a new series of staged readings of selected plays with actors cast in specific roles. The series is intended to enrich the Shakespeare Allowed! experience through further exploration of the play for that month (for more detailed information).

The following is the Merchant of Venice cast:

Shylock – a rich Jew, moneylender, father of Jessica: BRIAN RUSSELL
Antonio – a merchant of Venice: MICHAEL ROARK
Bassanio – Antonio’s friend, in love with Portia; suitor likewise to her: ROBERT MARIGZA
Launcelot Gobbo – a foolish man in the service of Shylock: EDD GARCIA
Duke of Venice – Venetian authority who presides over the court: DONALD CAPPARELLA
Old Gobbo – father of Launcelot: FRED LABOUR
Prince of Arragon – suitor to Portia: MIKE UNDERWOOD
Prince of Morocco – suitor to Portia: LANE WRIGHT
Salarino/ Salerio: LANE WRIGHT
Portia – a rich heiress: MAGGIE PITT
Nerissa – Portia’s waiting maid: JANIE BRESEE
Tubal – a Jew; Shylock’s friend: EDITH COSTANZA
Lorenzo – friend of Antonio and Bassanio: JR ROBLES
Jessica – daughter of Shylock: LEAH FINCHER

To be filled on the day (so come early if you want a part!):
Balthazar – Portia’s servant – (1 line)
Stephano – Portia’s servant — (8 lines)
Leonardo – servant to Bassanio—(2 lines)
Jailer—no lines–
Magnificoes of Venice, officers of the Court of Justice, servants to Portia

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