Announcing Shakespeare Upright!

shakespeare upright logo horizIn conjunction with our 25th Anniversary, we are launching a new program, Shakespeare Upright!, at the Nashville Public Library. Shakespeare Upright! is a series of staged readings of selected plays with actors cast in specific roles. The series is intended to enrich the Shakespeare Allowed! experience through further exploration of the play for that month. All readings will be presented without rehearsal at noon in the 3rd floor reading room where we do Shakespeare Allowed!

This year, we have four Shakespeare Upright! productions planned. All feature plays that are rarely produced but definitely worth hearing.

The tentative schedule for the year is as follows:
February 16th: The Merchant of Venice
July: As You Like It
September: Henry V

We will definitely need people to roles! If you would like to be considered for a role, email Denice Hicks at All roles will be assigned 2 weeks in advance.

Note: All roles for The Merchant of Venice have been filled.

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