Cast Your Ballots Today for Nashville Shakes!

Nashville Scene's The Best of NashvilleHiya cats! We have been hearing rumors of an important election coming up in November but we are a little preoccupied with an election of a different color because  the Nashville Scene’s annual Best of Nashville annual readers’ poll opened for votes late last week!

We don’t mean to grandstand or fill your head with a lot of gobbledygook but thanks to your support in the past, we have routinely found ourselves being represented in several highly competitive categories (there’s a lot of good stuff out there in arts and music):

• Best Place for a Cheap Date
• Best Local Event or Festival
• Best Performing Arts Group
• Best Local Theater Company
• Best Local Actor or Actress
• Best Free Fun

If you’ve had a gas at one of our shows or programs, or just love us, vote online by September 12 to help us keep our existing titles and win new ones.

With your help, we can maintain our status as “Best of Nashville.” Don’t be square and vote today!

How do you vote? The Nashville Scene’s snazzy website makes it easy as duck soup to cast your vote for us! No need to register, no need to scroll through pages of nominees to find your favorites – Just click through the categories, type in the names of at least 20 favorites and hit “Submit Your Ballot” on the left side of the screen. It’s so easy, we don’t know why you’re still reading this.

Note: Have your selections in mind when you visit, because they’ve changed the rules this year and only one vote per category per email address is permitted.

We apologize for the excessive use of 1940’s slang in this post. We’ve been living in that decade all summer long!

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